White Rose Youth League Points 2018

WRYL points 2018 will be awarded as follows:

11 or more riders per category:

1st 15 points

2nd 12 points

3rd 10 points

4th 8 points

5th 6 points

6th 5 points

7th 4 points

8th 3 points

9th 2 points

10th 1 point


6 to 10 riders per category:

1st 10 points

2nd 7 points

3rd 5 points

4th 3 points

5th 2 points

6th 1 point


5 or less riders per category:

1st 3 points

2nd 2 points

3rd 1 point


Points will be totalled separately at the end of the season for each league. A maximum of six results will count towards a rider’s total for each league and riders must compete in at least four events in each league to be placed.

Any ties will be resolved by countback as follows:

The rider with the most first places will take the higher place; if this does not resolve the tie then the rider with the most second places will take the higher place. If there is still no resolution then the rider with the highest number of third places etc.