White Rose Youth League Events 2018

White Rose Youth League Dates 2018

Wednesday League

18th April           Richard Dunn

2nd May             Wakefield

16th May            Hammerstones

30th May           Forge Valley

13th June          Richard Dunn

27th June         Hammerstones

11th July           Forge Valley

25th July         Wakefield

8th August      Richard Dunn

Thursday League

10th May         Leeds

24th May         York

7th June          Leeds

21st June         York

5th July           Leeds

19th July         York

2nd August    Leeds

16th August   York

8th September       Richard Dunn


Racing will start at 7:00pm for each league and at 2:00pm for the Finale

Estimated timings for both the Wednesday and Thursday Leagues as follows:

Youth E Boys and Girls 7.00pm

Youth D Boys and Girls 7.15pm

Youth C Boys and Girls 7.30pm

Youth B Boys 7.50pm

Youth A Girls and Youth B Girls 8.15pm

Youth A Boys 8.40pm


Please note that in the event of low numbers races may be combined in which case they will usually start at the earlier time.