Cycle racing is great to take part in and we like to see all ages and abilities racing in a safe environment.

British Cycling asserts that the wearing of a correctly fitted hard shell helmet conforming to a recognised safety standard is recommended for all of its competitive events. You will need a suitable helmet and ensure that the straps are tight and your helmet fits correctly. Your bike will need to be in good safe working order and have good brakes and tyres.

Cycling shorts and jerseys are great to race in and provide comfort. Track mitts are advisable and protects the palms in case of a fall. On colder nights dont forget to bring full finger gloves and a long sleeve jersey. Arm and knee warmers are ideal for the cooler races. In the event of rain, a racing cape will come in handy to warm up in.

Most riders have clippless pedals. These are like a ski fixing and are only suitable for riding in. For younger riders flat trainers are ideal but make sure the laces are tied to avoid the chain.

Sunglasses offer good protection from insects and dust. Please be aware that when the sunlight fades darker glasses may not be the best way to see the wheel in front! if the light is fading or it is wet yellow or clear lenses are perfect.

A good way to warm up before a race is to use rollers or a turbo trainer. These can be brought to races and used pre race as the circuit is often being used by another age group.

Some older youths bring spare wheels in the case of a puncture or mechanical failure. This is fine but please make sure you report to a Commissaire before you do anything to fix your problem.

Age Categories for 2018

Youth E Under 8 born in 2010 or later
Until 31 December of year in which 8th birthday falls

Youth D Under 10 born in 2008 or 2009
From 1 January of year in which 9th birthday falls to 31 December of year in which 10th birthday falls

Youth C Under 12 born in 2006 or 2007
From 1 January of year in which 11th birthday falls to 31 December of year in which 12th birthday falls

Youth B Under 14 born in 2004 or 2005
From 1 January of year in which 13th birthday falls to 31 December of year in which 14th birthday falls (or upgraded from Youth C).

Youth A Under 16 born in 2002 or 2003
From 1 January of year in which 15th birthday falls to 31 December of year in which 16th birthday falls (or upgraded from Youth B).

Race Licences

All riders must have a valid 2018 British Cycling Race Licence. These are free for under 16 riders. See guidance on this here. All licences must display a photograph and be signed. If licences are lost of forgotten, riders can enter by purchasing a Day Licence when signing on. The cost of a day licence is £1.50. Riders who race on day licences cannot claim British Cycling licence points but can however, claim WRYL league points. Further information here regarding licences


Riders in Youth A and Youth B may be eligible to move up one category and race with a Dispensation Card as per the British Cycling rules: Category B Youth riders who gain 50 licence category points in any one year may apply to the National Board for dispensation to compete in closed road events restricted to the next higher age category. Category A Youth riders who gain 50 licence category points in any one year, or who have attained a top 10 place in the previous year’s National Youth A rankings may apply to the Board for dispensation to compete in events against riders of any older category in closed road events



Wheel Regulations

Equipment regulations have been updated to reduce the cost, perceived or real, of competing. Ruling here: 3.2.7 In all circuit events Youth B and younger riders shall conform to the following requirements: Wheels shall have a maximum rim depth of 35mm, have a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 40 spokes. Spokes can be round, attened or oval but must not exceed 10mm in width. Tri-bars, arm extensions and/or arm pads shall be prohibited.


As this this is a new technical regulation, this will be strictly enforced at all White Rose Youth League events. 


Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are now allowed in all events.