Race Format

The entry fee for each race is £5.00 for youth D&E riders, £6.00 for Youth C and £7.00 for Youth A & B. The price increase for 2018 is to pay for transponders and chip timing.

When riders arrive on race evenings they must have their gears checked, sign on, pay their entry fee and collect a race number. There is more information about this in the gearing section of this site.

The races follow the same format at both Bradford, York and Sheffield venues:

Typically the youngest under 10’s would race for around 15 minutes with the oldest under 16’s racing for 40 minutes.

Points are awarded to the riders based on their positions in the sprint and endurance races. Separate leagues are run based on the Wednesday Night and Thursday Night results. At the end of the series prizes are awarded to the best placed riders in all age categories for both series.

For 2018 these will comprise:

Race 1 Youth E (under 8) Boys and Girls
Race 2 Youth D (under 10) Boys and Girls
Race 3 Youth C (under 12) Boys and Girls
Race 4 Youth B (under 14) Boys
Race 5 Youth A/B (under 16/14) girls
Race 6 Youth A (under 16) Boys

Categories may be combined at the discretion of the Commissaire.



Schedule of Races

Approximate start times

Youth E Boys and Girls 7.00pm
Youth D Boys and Girls 7.15pm
Youth C Boys and Girls 7.30pm
Youth B Boys 7.50pm
Youth A Girls and Youth B Girls 8.15pm
Youth A Boys 8.40pm

Please note:
• If numbers are low Race 4 and Race 5 may be combined at 20:10
• By signing on you accept the programme above. If you have concerns about the mix of categories in any of these races please do not sign on!

2018 Points Structure

WRYL points 2018 will be awarded as follows:

11 or more riders per category:

1st 15 points

2nd 12 points

3rd 10 points

4th 8 points

5th 6 points

6th 5 points

7th 4 points

8th 3 points

9th 2 points

10th 1 point



6 to 10 riders per category:

1st 10 points

2nd 7 points

3rd 5 points

4th 3 points

5th 2 points

6th 1 point



5 or less riders per category:

1st 3 points

2nd 2 points

3rd 1 point


Points will be totalled separately at the end of the season for each league. A maximum of six results will count towards a rider’s total for each league and riders must compete in at least four events in each league to be placed.

Any ties will be resolved by countback as follows:

The rider with the most first places will take the higher place; if this does not resolve the tie then the rider with the most second places will take the higher place. If there is still no resolution then the rider with the highest number of third places etc.

Awards will be made for each series.