Gearing – Very Important

The gears that youth riders are allowed to use on a circuit race are restricted. This is to stop them pushing too hard a gear with the possibility of damaging knees and encourages a smooth, circular, quick pedalling action. The gears will need to be ‘blocked’ prior to an event so that larger gears cannot be used. Once they are set do not unblock them so that the rider gets used to the required gearing.

Each age group has a maximum gear ratio which they can use. The hardest gear on the cycle must fall within a set measurement for one full revolution of the cranks. The gearing for the vast majority of cycles is easily adjusted. If you are unsure about how to check the gears or make the adjustments ask your club coach, speak to the gear checking marshals at the races or for the technically minded refer to the section below. Please try to ensure that your bike is already pre-set as it slows down the signing on process.

All bikes must be checked before you sign on and collect your race number.


Gear restrictions are:

Youth A (under 16) – 6.93 metres

Youth B (under 14) – 6.45 metres

Youth C (under 12) – 6.05 metres

Youth D (under 10) – 5.40 metres

Youth E (under 8) – 5.10 metres


Download a quick guide for parents here: