2017 AGM Meeting Minutes

Annual General Meeting held at Brighter Connections
22 Edgerton Road

Wednesday 18th October 2017

Present: Peter Root Holmfirth CC), Peter Sutton (Regional Events Officer), Mandy Parker (East Bradford CC), Marc Etches (Sheffrec CC), Darren Stringer (KCA), Anthony Gill (RDM), Matt Gott (REO)


1. Apologies: Andy Akers, Liz Barrett, Ivan Boyes,

2. Election of Officials:
i) Chair Marc Etches
ii) Secretary Peter Root
iii) Treasurer Peter Sutton
iv) Membership of the steering group is open to anyone interested

3. Minutes of the last AGM:
v) These were accepted as a true record proposed Mandy Parker, Seconded Peter Sutton

4. Matters Arising:
1. Treasurers report correction. The amount held on behalf of the Yorkshire Velodrome Cluster is £830
2. It was noted that although the WRYL points system had been agreed at the AGM it had not been published in its entirety on the website Action PR
3. The move to Hammerstones for 2016 was considered to be a success but moving the Forge Valley series to Wednesdays had not seen a significant increase in numbers.
4. Concern was expressed regarding the staffing of the York series in both 2016 and 2017
5. Due to the protective padding not being available the 2016 Finale was held at Hammerstones.
6. In 2017, the Richard Dunn circuit became available again, along with new circuits at Wakefield and Leeds. Hence two new leagues were formed running at fortnightly intervals.
a. Wednesday League alternating between Richard Dunn, Hammerstones, Wakefield and Forge Valley
b. Thursday League alternating between York and Leeds
7. Four new trophies were purchased for youth E riders

5. Treasurers Report
1. The treasurer reported a balance of £4113.26 which included £830 held on behalf of the Yorkshire Velodrome Cluster. It was noted that we were still awaiting invoices for the use of the Leeds and Wakefield circuits estimated at £540.

6. Secretaries Report
1. The secretaries report was published prior to the meeting. It was agreed that the change of structure of WRYL had resulted in a 41% increase in rider, addressing the concerns of the last meeting.
2. The concern regarding the lack of volunteers was shared by those at the meeting. It was agreed to target people to attend a commissaires course in the new year and to enable them to gain judging experience at a series of Early Bird events in March and April 2017.

7. Correspondence
1. A parent complained that the points system as published on the website did not include the points for 5 or less riders. PR replied accepted the criticism and apologised. However, as the three-tier system was used in 2016 it was felt that it would be wrong to change it having published the 2017 results but it was agreed that the website must be reviewed and updated for 2018.
Action PR

2. WRYL has been offered the use of a chip timing system. The annual cost of this is £2000. BC HQ are covering the cost for the first year but after this WRYL would be responsible. After some discussion, it was agreed to increase the entry fee for all categories by £1 for the 2018 season. The extra income will help to raise funds to cover the increased costs for 2019.
Action PR

8. 2018 programme:
1. The Wednesday and Thursday league programmes were considered successful in 2017 so will be replicated in 2018 with slight adjustments. The proposed programme is as follows:


Wednesday League

18th April Richard Dunn

2nd May Wakefield

16th May Hammerstones

30th May Forge Valley

13th June Richard Dunn

27th June Hammerstones

11th July Forge Valley

25th July Wakefield

8th August Richard Dunn


Thursday League

10th May Leeds

24th May York

7th June Leeds

21st June York

5th July Leeds

19th July York

2nd August Leeds

16th August York


2018 Season Finale
Saturday 8th September Richard Dunn

These dates are provisional as bookings have not been confirmed and adjustments may also need to be made to accommodate national series events in the region.

2. WRYL points 2018 will be awarded as follows:

11 or more riders per category:
1st 15 points
2nd 12 points
3rd 10 points
4th 8 points
5th 6 points
6th 5 points
7th 4 points
8th 3 points
9th 2 points
10th 1 point

6 to 10 riders per category:
1st 10 points
2nd 7 points
3rd 5 points
4th 3 points
5th 2 points
6th 1 point

5 or less riders per category:
1st 3 points
2nd 2 points
3rd 1 point

Points will be totalled separately at the end of the season for each league. A maximum of six results will count towards a rider’s total for each league and riders must compete in at least four events in each league to be placed.
Any ties will be resolved by countback as follows:
The rider with the most first places will take the higher place; if this does not resolve the tie then the rider with the most second places will take the higher place. If there is still no resolution then the rider with the highest number of third places etc.

3. Entry fees will increase by £1 to help cover the cost of chip timing at all events. Hence entry fees in 2018 will be as follows:
Youth E £5
Youth D £5
Youth C £6
Youth B £7
Youth A £7

4. Programme of races. Ideally the programme each evening will be as follows but races may be combined if there are low numbers of riders. Starting at 7pm prompt:
Youth E Boys and Girls
Youth D Boys and Girls
Youth C Boys and Girls
Youth B Boys
Youth A and Youth B Girls
Youth A Boys

9. Yorkshire Youth Circuit Race Championships 2018
It was agreed that in view of the congested calendar the Yorkshire Youth Circuit Race Championship would be held as part of one of the town centre events on the calendar in 2018. Matt Gott (BC REO) was tasked with finding an appropriate event.
Action MG

10. 2018 finance
MP reported that the search for 2108 sponsors was ongoing
Action MP

11. Date of next Meeting
It was agreed that further communications could be by email so no date was set for a further meeting

12. Any Other Business

1. Subsequent to the meeting the invoices for Leeds and Wakefield had been received and paid
2. BC Technical Regulations have